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Urban Metrosexual Trend

t issue of GQ? Do prefer a salon over the traditional barber shop? Get with it hipsters, you may be metrosexual. What is a Metrosexual? He's fashion conscious, sensitive, and heterosexual. An urban ma ... self-image and confidence. Could it be that traditional masculinity been overtaken by trendsetting metrosexuality. An all encompassing lifestyle ideal of clothes, food, décor and music? In sea ...

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Men Who Defy Gender Stereotypes

le with defying the gender prototypes of being macho. Take for instance the newly accepted trend of metrosexuality. The metrosexual is the new man of the millennium. He is as they say just as tough in ... man of the millennium. He is as they say just as tough inside, but softer around the edges.The word metrosexual is a noun that describes an urban male with a strong aesthetic sense who spends a great ...

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Brand Beckham and Mumzilla's. The future of society?

n, in an almost sadistic way and with “Brand Beckham” there appears to be an inception of metrosexual men, whom everybody seems to worship in our contemporary society, none more so than the ... e and enhance certain popular ways of seeing groups in society, especially overpowering mothers and metrosexual men, this also shows to me that these groups are all based upon celebrities and that the ...

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The Rise of MetrosexualsWhen you see an extremely decently prepared man, most of the time everybody assumes they ... st of the time everybody assumes they are gay. Now in today's day and age, we have made up the term metrosexual. Metrosexual is simply an approach to portray a straight male who prefers to prep himsel ... s for men including fragrance sprays and body wash so they can keep up their appearance. The common metrosexual is a young man with cash to use, living in or inside simple compass of an enormous city ...

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