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Explain why voter turnout has been declining in the past half of the century and why voter turnout in presidential years is higher than that in midterm elections.

It has also been observed that the voter turnout has been higher in presidential elections than in midterm elections. The main factors of the declines are the citizens' negative public attitudes and ... s and the widespread political "apathy". On the other hand, the difference between presidential and midterm election voter turnout was caused by what I call the "media effect", which is explained in t ...

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The 2006 Election: Was it an Innovative Midterm Election?

I think that the 2006 Election fit the bill to be classified as an innovative midterm election as defined by Mayhew. The 2006 midterm election displayed many of the characteristi ... g lasting since it has only been a few years since this election. Mayhew lists four criteria that a midterm election needs to have in order to be qualified as innovative. The four qualifications are a ... da, achieve successes in enacting that agenda, and make lasting changes.Mayhew points out that most midterm elections have very similar methods with their campaigns; they make vague statements about w ...

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the significance of suffering

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Democrats vs. Republicans

ers founded the Republican Party in 1854 (Diamond & Gunther, 5). It rose to prominence with the election of Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president. The party presided over the American Ci ... e viewpoints of the Religious Right ("Our Party").Since the division of the Republican Party in the election of 1912, the Democratic Party has consistently positioned itself to the left of the Republi ...

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