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Masashi applied in real life situations

Mushashi applied in Real Life SituationsWill DonovanMinamoto Mushashi was one of the greatest samurai to ever live. His style of fighting and martial st ... Attacking Particular Parts, you will achieve victory.All of these techniques invented and tested by Minamoto Mushashi over his lifetime, can be used in an applied to our life. You do not need samurai ...

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Japnese art before 1392

f the imperial court, samurai leaders soon became the real powers in Japan. The battles between the Minamoto and Taira clans were fought primarily by mounted and armored warriors, who used both bows a ... d armored warriors, who used both bows and arrows and the finest swords. In the year 1060, some 500 Minamoto rebels opposed to the retired emperor Go-Shirakawa carried out a daring raid on the Sanjo P ...

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Minamoto Yuritomo

began to vie for ascendancy. Out of this flux, two powerful families emerged the Teri Heike and the Minamoto also known as the Gengi emerged as powerful rivals. Under there, Tari Kiyomori attained pow ... o known as the Gengi emerged as powerful rivals. Under there, Tari Kiyomori attained power over the Minamoto for a brief period. Minamoto and Tara clans both wanted to control the royal court.It was Y ...

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Right of Honorable Death

were hired to be small armies, the samurai did not like organized movement of troops. For example, Minamoto no Yoshitsune was disliked by his vassals because he was one of the only ones who liked org ...

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