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I'M NOT MISSS AMERICA, AND IT'S OKAY Explore your personal concept of beauty. What factors have influenced this concept? What elements of culture have had an impact?

s the most beautiful girl, and hence, would become the most beautiful woman.I remember watching the Miss America pageant, the ultimate beauty contest in our society. Every year our family would sit do ... r of scarring up my legs or arms, because this would obviously ruin my chances of becoming a future Miss America.As I grew older, I began to realize that I was petite, chunky and small breasted. I was ...

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ulative, and commercial sense of it. The writer emphasizes mostly in the contest racism "almost all Miss America Has been white" or the standard of beauty is to match the "white ideal", al ... gh it might sound contradictory to say that women from different ethnic background had been elected Miss. America as well. The contest is going in decadency and "The interest in the title is flagging" ...

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Tattoos and Body Piercing

e try to emulate those whom they idolize and follow their lead in getting tattoos and piercing. One Miss America Pageant contestant even showed off a naval piercing during the 1997 contest. Tattoos an ...

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Beauty pageants should be banned

onger. A local news reporter started the infamous term, still used today by saying, "lets call her 'Miss America'!" Pageants were introduced into the lives of Americans and became a major event, altho ... tion-Eating-Disorders-302540.shtmlThe Local and the Global in the Political Economy of Beauty: From Miss Belize to Miss World Richard Wilk Review of International Political Economy , Vol. 2, No. 1 (Wi ...

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