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Some general info on the plant kingdom... & ... info about bryophytes & seedless vascular plants.

d alternately wet-and-dry shoreline environments, eventually giving rise to such later forms as the mosses and ferns. From some remote fern ancestor, in turn, arose the seed plants.The plant kingdom t ... ry few species. They are the Psilotophyta, with only three living species; the Lycopodiophyta (club mosses); and the Equisetophyta (horsetails). All the plants of a fourth subdivision, the Rhyniophyta ...

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A brief History of Life on Earth.

ancestors. During the Ordovician period (510-440 mya) marine organisms radiated all over the globe, mosses and horsetails colonized wet terrestrial environments. As the Ordovician period came to a clo ...

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Evolutionary Adaptations to Flowering Plants

and is characterized by the possession of fruits and flowers. They are adapted to life on land than mosses by several reasons. Adaptations that angiosperms went through to become a more successful ter ... ns. Adaptations that angiosperms went through to become a more successful terrestrial organism than mosses are the development in their vascular tissues and their specialization in their organ for sex ...

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Lecture Notes -- History of Plants Bio104/download word document for ease of reading.

d from tropical - to seasons (hot cold, dry, wet)Further adoption to land -climateBryophytes Mosses, Liverwort, etc.Are used as examples of plants without most modern evolutionary adoptionBut: ...

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Life in Antarcitca

ntarctic winter, life has evolved and adapted to this environment. Plants such as algae, lichen and mosses can be found beneath an insulating layer of snow or in cracks in rocks which provide the plan ...

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s secrete an acid which begins the process of soil formation. Lichens are possibly then replaced by mosses or even ferns.After the ferns and mosses die and grow and there is enough soil on the ground ... y the lichens that will break down the rock with the acid it secretes, and will soon be followed by mosses and shrubs. Photo B shows some small shrubs and very small trees that have began to grow in t ...

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Characteristics of Angiosperms

ese adaptations help the plants increase the probability of reproduction and variation in offspring.Mosses are limited to the moist ground unlike the angiosperms. Mosses do not contain vascular tissue ... is prevents moss to spread to area with less moisture by not being able to suck it out of the soil. Mosses also do not have seed which allow the offspring to stay dormant under harsh conditions. Mosse ...

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An essay on the flora and fauna of the Daintree forest

d a substantial number are foundonly within its borders. There are many otherferns, orchids, palms, mosses and lichens.Over the last 200 years, human activity hasreduced the Daintree rainforest to one ...

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The Structure of Ferns and their reproduction

and flourish plants are so-called 'higher' plants which differ from the 'low' plants, for example, mosses and mushrooms by there construcion. They consist of 3 basic organs, the root, shoot or trunk ...

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