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Discuss the evolution of musical notation throughout the Medieval period. This essay includes reference to the Medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen.

Before 1450, there was little form of musical notation, instead word-of-mouth transmission of information was what was used, and this was ... or rhythm with which to perform their music.It is unknown to historians who originated the idea of musical notation but the recognition for it was given to Pope Gregory I, hence the reason most chant ... most chants of that era are referred to as Gregorian chants. Advantages associated with the idea of musical notation included the reproduction of pieces of music so that they could be sent to a centra ...

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Hoe To Read Tabulature

ret the stringwith the left hand. If a zero appears , this means play the open string.Like standard musical notation, you read from left to right to findout what order to play the notes. The following ...

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Peter Sculthorpe's Port Essington-String Techniques & Variation Form

techniques in 'Port Essington' to represent the harsh Australian climate. He has created different notation to represent these new techniques. A list of the notation and how the sound is played follo ... ouching the string with your left finger and bow while moving your left hand.Another piece of music notation that Peter Sculthorpe incorporates in his compositions is the word 'liberamente'. It means ...

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