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Nanotechnology. I wrote this for my American Literature class. The assignment was open-ended: to write a research paper on anything. I chose nanotechnology in general.

is the manufacturing and use of nanoscale devices, that is, the manufacture of devices measured in nanometers - billionths of a meter - and constructed atom by atom and molecule by molecule. Some de ... ule by molecule. Some definitions hold that anything in which the key components measure under 100 nanometers is a nanotechnology (Future, 16). By this definition, modern electronics has already bec ...

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The Plasma Membrane

ses. The cell membrane consists of two layers separated by a very small space of approximately 7-10 nanometers and is found in both animal and plant cells.There are 3 chemicals found in cell membranes ...

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Allotropes of Carbon

cylinder shape. The name nanotube comes from their size because they only have a diameter of a few nanometers. They are made up of layers of graphite in the form of a cylinder and they are often clos ... f carbon atoms strung together to form a three dimensional web. Each cluster of carbons are about 6 nanometers wide and have about 4000 carbon atoms that are linked together in graphite like sheets th ...

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Effects Of Ebola Virus On Humans

rain of viruses that belong to the Filoviridae family. This strain of Virus ranges from 800 to 1000 nanometers (one-billionth of a meter) in length and is made up of strands of RNA. The RNA is held in ...

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Nano Electromechanical Systems and Its Applications

gy initiative as "understanding and control of matter at dimensions between approximately 1 and 100 nanometers, where unique phenomena enable novel applications. Encompassing nanoscale science, engine ...

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