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Critically discuss the view that 'Universal Welfare provision can only ever be wasteful and lead to welfare dependency'. Give examples to illustrate your points.

arly 20th century, government tried to move away from the poor laws, by introducing such schemes as national insurance, means tests and health care provisions. It was not really until the Liberal Gove ... ch set up public assistance committees ( It was only really in 1948 when the National Assistance Act came into being under the guidance of William Beveridge that the 'Welfare St ...

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How and with what success has liberalism sought to emancipate individuals?

gs, Radicals, and Liberals, 1815-1914, p.89]Lastly, within the liberal reforms one must look at the National Health Insurance Act of 1911, which truly emancipated members of the working class, as they ... oss of independence," should be counted against the, "benefits offered by the welfare measure." The National Insurance Act of 1911, offered many benefits and emancipated every worker in the United Kin ...

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Did the British Liberal Government of 1906-14 create the early Welfare State?

e they previously held as this was the last resort to which people could turn to for work and money.National efficiency was also effected. Poverty was bad for the economy, as appropriate workforces we ... appropriate workforces were unable to be attained due to illness. Increase in competition from international rivals such as Germany and America meant that if Britain was going to survive economically ...

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