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Principle Changes to the Native Title legislation enacted by the Native Title Amendment Act in Australia and their effects.

The reasons for the Native Title Amendment Act 1998 can be seen by, extracting the main differences between it, and the ... ries to establish different rights to negotiate procedures and confirmation of the nullification of native title byspecific land tenuresThe putting in place of a higher test for the registration of na ... y to validate titles granted between 1 January 1994 and 23 December 1996 without complying with the Native Title ActPutting the Native Title Act to the provisions of the Racial Discrimination Act 1995 ...

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Aboriginal Spirituality

ally very difficult for Aboriginal people to connect with their kinship heritage and participate in Native Title claims. Separation from kinship groups has also led to a breakdown in traditional socie ... nuous occupancy of and connection with their traditional lands in accordance with their traditions, Native Title could be said to exist. This judgment overturned the concept of 'terra nullius', the be ...

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