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Is News a reflection or construction of reality?

It is difficult for news, in any form, to be a true reflection of reality, due to the many factors involved in the produ ... management all conspire to blur the line between truth and fiction. Potter (1998) stated that “news is not something that happens; instead, news is what gets presented. We almost never see news e ... n the media’s manufactured construction of the events.” This essay aims to determine what news is, and to analyse whether or not news is able to be an accurate reflection of reality, and why ...

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Construction Of A News Story

In this essay I will discuss how news values, ideology and culture can affect the construction of a news story. Firstly, what is news ... t from significant), stylized and prudent (Breed, 1956). According to Greg Philio, "˜"�News"� on television and in the Press is not self-defining. News is not "found"� or ev ... creation of a journalistic process, an artifact, a commodity even' (Fowler, R. 1991, p10). However, news is not a piece of history (although it may record history), gossip, of human interest, free of ...

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Working on News Judgement

Journalists need many skills. Among the critical ones is news judgment, the ability to recognize why one story is more newsworthy than another or why one ele ... o recognize why one story is more newsworthy than another or why one element within a story is more newsworthy than another. Acquiring good news judgment is best achieved through experience. But some ... es have been developed that can help an inexperienced journalist get started.Stories are said to be newsworthy if they contain one or more of the so-called elements of news; timeliness, proximity, pro ...

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Hard News

unicationOccurrence: Washington DC subway crash kills 9, injures 75Assignment: Compare a Washington newspaper’s reporting with The Sun.The occurrence happened on Monday, June 22 in Washington. Du ... rea residents had been disrupted by the partial shutdown of the Metro system.The definition of hard news is means the events are deals with formal or serious topics and events and timeliness that stor ...

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Is the nature of crime in our society accurately presented by the media? Discuss.

he media distorts the crime problem. First, the media tend to report on crimes that are considered `newsworthy.' Second, it is argued that the media's role is that of an agenda-setter. Third, media re ... the reporting of crime is selective and the types of crimes reported in the media are those deemed `newsworthy.' Media compete in a marketplace to attract as large an audience as possible as they are ...

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