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Fire Retardant Fabrics

ch fire fastest)Materials:Lightersafety gogglesStop Watch5cm x 5cm piece of Denim5cm x 5cm piece of Nylon5cm x 5cm piece of Polyester5cm x 5cm piece of Cotton5cm x 5cm piece of Rayon5cm x 5cm piece of ... at the Polyester will ignite the fastest, because it is very light, and delicate. We think that the Nylon will ignite in the longest time because it is much like a plastic.Results: In order to control ...

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Paper on The History of the Stringed Instrument to 1800

of diverse cultures.The way a stringed instrument works is a tightened material (silk gut, metal or nylon) when plucked or bowed oscillates or vibrates at a certain frequency (cycles per second). The ... eferred to as dragon-head, dragon-back, dragon-legs, etc. The koto's 13 strings are made of silk or nylon and are each of the same thickness. Each string is tuned by a moveable bridge made of ivory or ...

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Walking Into Spiderwebs

its original length and return to its natural shape. The elasticity is 30% more than the strongest nylon (the silk will only break at 3-4 times its length). However, the elasticity combines with the ... he assembly of the fibers. These were lighter and tougher than Kevlar and were nearly as elastic as nylon. Based on this approach, progress is being made towards making real copies of spider silk. Alt ...

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The Boston Strangler.

their own clothing being wrapped around their neck. The item of clothing, many times a stocking or nylon, would be tied into a bow around the victims neck to mark his revolting signature.The man beli ...

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Performance of Nylon Climbing Ropes

IntroductionNylon climbing ropes are often used in very adverse conditions. Technical rock climbers "...often ha ... rence between life and death.It is the intention of this study to better understand the behavior of nylon climbing rope under certain conditions simulating actual use. These are; abrasion, dirt, fatig ... at method are they going to use measure abrasion, dirt, fatigue, and water saturation?Background on Nylon 6Ropes and cables constructed from nylon fibers are extensively used in a wide variety of appl ...

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Man Made Fibres

ell Fiber Uses · Apparel: Dresses, slacks, coats, jeans First U.S. Commercial Nylon Fiber Production: 1939, DuPont Company Current U.S. Nylon Fiber Producers: BASF Corporation; D ... Solutia Inc.; Universal Fiber Systems, L.L.C.; Wellman, Inc.Federal Trade Commission Definition for Nylon Fiber: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is a long-chain synthetic pol ...

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Dress In The 1940's

most popular natural fibers being used until they became very limited after America joined the War. Nylon, a popular synthetic fiber, was being used for military purposes and became scarce and abandon ...

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t happened in the 1930¡¯s that has changed lives ever since. That event, the creation of nylon, has manipulated the way people dress and live their everyday lives. It even provided more emp ... am of DuPont researchers, led by Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers, invented the first synthetic material, nylon, in 1934 (Adams 21). They were searching for an artificial replacement for silk when they drew ...

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The History of Nylon

called simply "66", a number derived from its molecular structure, this molecule was later renamed nylon.Nylon created a revolution in the fibre industry. Nylon's forerunners, rayon and acetate had b ... n the fibre industry. Nylon's forerunners, rayon and acetate had been made from plant cellulose but nylon was synthesised completely from petrochemicals.DuPont began commercial production of nylon in ...

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