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Socrates on Athenian law and obedience

ument for the following reasons: 1) as a member of a society, each citizen had a responsibility and obligation to obey the laws of their society, 2) because the society gave you an education and famil ... ith few exceptions.The first argument Socrates makes about obeying law is that every citizen has an obligation to the society they live in to obey its laws. The laws are to be more honored than your m ...

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Analysis of Crito

mptation is imposing, it is in accord with reason and fidelity that Socrates chooses to fulfill his obligation to the state, even to death.Before addressing Crito's claims which exhort Socrates to lea ... the state and avoid immanent death, the condemned lays a solid foundation upon which he asserts his obligation to abide by the laws. The foundation is composed of public opinion, doing wrong, and fulf ...

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Wolff's views on the right of autonomy

oblem.An autonomous person is not subject to the will of another. This is thought to be the primary obligation of man. In political philosophy, autonomy is a refusal to be ruled, and authority of the ... ruled, and authority of the state is the right to rule, there is a conflict. If a man fulfills his obligation to autonomy, then he will go against the claim by the state to have authority over him. W ...

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Kant's caterogorical imperative. Discription of how the c.i works

bligated to act in the manner in which it conforms with moral law. The categorical imperative is an obligation by the will to act so that the action can be classified as a universal law. When one acts ...

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Locke's State of Nature, good for notes , and presentations.

f nature prohibits the harming of ourselves and other's. The duty of self-preservation leads to the obligation we have to pretect other's. Equality permits that every person has the power and are able ...

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the teachings of Thomas Hobbes in his book Leviathan

Thomas Hobbes Paper - What is the difference betweenobligations in foro interno and in foro externo, and when do wehave such obligations?According to Th ... in danger. Government is the answer to this dangerous situation,but it is here that the question of obligation comes into question. Doesone have an obligation to take a chance and follow the laws set ... nst other men, as he would allow other men againsthimself.' The question now is, when do we have an obligation to strivetowards peace when it means giving up our natural rights?According to Hobbes, we ...

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Internet Regulation, Computer, Internet, Privacy

House of Representatives.1The Internet is owned and operated by the government,which gives them the obligation to restrict the materialsavailable through it. Though it appears to have sprung upovernig ...

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The Use of Dramatic Monologue to Create Moral Dilemma in Browning's "Porphyria's Lover"

right way, the truthful way, or if it is even the way they themselves see it. It is then the jury's obligation, after listening to both sides of the story, to make a decision based on the evidence pre ...

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The expansionist spirit of America in the 1840's, "The Manifest Destiny"

s and their ways were better than those of other countries; therefore, they had a right and even an obligation, if they were powerful enough, to impose their ways on less able or fortunate people, who ...

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Society's Problems and my role in helping it

that too many shrug their responsibility leaving an insurmountabledegree of perils.It is everyone's obligation to help solve the problems because everyone has a stake in society. Notenough people see ...

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The Conflicts in the Scarlet Letter

s himself daily on whether or not to admit his sins with Hester. On the one hand, Dimmesdale has an obligation to be with his lover, but on the other hand, he does not want to face the judgment of his ...

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Law without Sanctions by Michael Barkun, a summary of the book

escriptive" or "value laden". Law states essential behavioral patterns.Behavior becomes tinged with obligation, which are known as rules and rules restrict and define the way subjects of the law shoul ...

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Successful marriages

those who stay together, less than 50 percent are fulfilled. They stay together out of loyalty and obligation and the fear of starting over. Very few people, indeed, are able to grow in love. Yet it ...

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The Role of the Prosecutor

s that the duty of the prosecutor is to seek justice, not merely to convict. It is crucial that his obligation is to protect the innocent as well as to convict the guilty, to guard the rights of the a ...

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Future involvement in Foreign Affairs

n AffairsSince the United States is one of the last remaining super powers of the world, wehave the obligation to maintain and support good relations with the smaller and weakernations throughout the ...

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Islam: The true religion

r as it teaches one to not take things for granted and to appreciate how lucky they are. Hajj is an obligation to every Muslim once in his/her lifetime. It is the largest gathering of Muslims to seek ...

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the demands of national security Vs. Individual Rights

tion against loss, attack, or harm to the citizens.Ought to supersede means that there is a duty or obligation to take the place or position of something.Conflicting means not able to be followed or a ... ty. The criterion upholding my value is the PRESERVATION OF SOCIAL ORDER. The United States has the obligation to its citizens to preserve the society by acting on the demands of national security.Con ...

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The religious symbolisms in The Sisters, by James Joyce.

r I knew that two candles must be set at the head of a corpse". The auxiliary "must" implicates the obligation, the enforced aspect of religion, instutating traditions that converts scrupulously appli ...

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Unprofessional relationships in the Military.

ofessional Relationships can exist between anyone, but as members of the Armed Services, we have an obligation to keep our behavior within Military Standards.Individuals involved in unprofessional rel ...

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The Individual's Will Within Society. Does a citizen have an obligation to obey the will of the State if it goes against the individual's will?

Does a citizen have an obligation to obey the will of the State if it goes against the individual's will? The only obligati ...

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