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alcium , Magnesium and Iron to grow really good (1).There are two different kinds of fertilisers, inorganic and organic fertilisers.Organic fertilisers are fertilisers which refer to a substance produ ... substance produced by a living organism, that are things like carbohydrates, protein and fat (2).Inorganic fertilisers are made of man.They contain just the important nutrients like potassium, phosph ...

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Case Study- Branding Strategy of LTK Omega Egg(Malaysia)

District, Malacca. The principal activities of LTK are production of chicken eggs and manufacturing organic fertilizer. LTK is one of the leading eggs producers in Malaysia. The production capacity of ... f the product. Furthermore, LTK can teach the consumers that the eggshell can be grinded and use as organic fertilizer for flowering plants.Chapter 6.0 ConclusionAlthough the decision of going abroad ...

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Science Project - The Miracles of Plant Foods: Too much or too little?

33;How will changing the amount of plant food affect the growth of a plant while using Chemical and Organic plant foods?"It is hypothesized that the suggested serving of plant food listed on the boxes ... ures are as follows. First there are 30 plants. Each has a different amount of Miracle-Gro® and Organic Fertilizer put into 6 pots. Half of the pots had Miracle-Gro® in them and half had Organ ...

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Organic Fertilisers VS Manufactured Fertilisers VS Gaseous Fertilisers VS Liquid Fertilisers

Organic Fertilisers VS Manufactured Fertilisers VS Gaseous Fertilisers VS Liquid FertilisersFertilis ... ops are growing to provide nutrients required by plants. Fertilsers can be divided into categories: organic, manufactured, gaseous and liquid.Organic FertilisersExamples of organic fertilisers include ... organic fertilisers include manure, worm castings, seaweed and sewage. There are also manufactured organic fertilisers that include bloodmeal, bone meal and seaweed extracts.Organic fertilisers are m ...

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Biology EEI Effect of Inorganic and Organic Fertilisers on Yield and Growth of Tomatoes

Biology EEIEffect of Inorganic and Organic Fertilisers on Yield and Growth of TomatoesBy YashTeacher: Mrs. ElphickTable of ... ments were carried out at Trinity Anglican School, Australia in 2010 to study the effect of various organic and inorganic fertilisers on the growth of tomato plants in the northern tropical region of ... . Five pots with tomato seedlings were prepared for the experiment. Two pots were fertilised with inorganic fertilisers (IF), two with organic fertilisers (OF) and one without any fertilisers. All pot ...

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