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How has the discovery of Iceman contributed to our understanding of Neolithic Italy/Austria?

On September 19, 1991, a couple from Nuremberg mountaineering in the Otztal Alps discovered the upper part of a corpse protruding from the glacier. It was to be later discovere ... ave landed on his food and been consumed. This pollen came from a tree that only grows south of the Alps and blooms in spring, which tells us the time that iceman died and coincides with the time that ... s a Shepherd returning down the through the route that allowed herds to cross the main ridge of the Alps.After further analysis of the body a flint arrowhead was found in Iceman's left shoulder. This ...

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Carbon Dating

Otzi the Iceman Is one of the most famous objects dated using Carbon 14. He was found in the Otztal Alps in 1991 by 2 German tourists about 3210 metres above sea level. He was dated using carbon datin ...

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