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Enzyme action

be used for a variety of reactions including bleaching and disinfecting minor wounds. Acting as an oxidizing agent, it is also toxic to cells, hence its value as a disinfecting agent that disrupts th ...

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Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

he chlorophyl and is captured by the primary acceptor. The oxidized chlorophyl is now a very strong oxidizing agent and there is a "space" left where the electron used to be. An enzyme then takes elec ...

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A lab of Reduction/Oxidation Reactions

idation number, which is a positive or negative number that help in determining the reducing and/or oxidizing agents in an equation. An increase in the oxidation number of an atom from one side of an ... he most probable I believe is contamination.Analysis:a. Cl2 + I­ Cl- + I2Cl2 + 2e- 2Cl- reduced oxidizing agent2I- I2 + 2e- oxidized reducing agentCl2 + 2I- 2Cl- + I2 final equationb. MnO4- + I- M ...

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Analysis of Commercial Vitamin C Tablets. (Ascorbic acid content in one tablet)

riment involves titration of redox reaction. Redox reaction means reduction and oxidation. In which oxidizing agent and reducing agent are mixed and oxidize/reduce each other. One losses electron(s) a ... of the ascorbic acid in the tablet, a redox reaction of it with iodine was done. While iodine is an oxidizing agent and ascorbic acid is a reducing agent. The reaction forms dehydroascorbic acid and i ...

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Determination of the vitamin C content of a commercial vitamin C tablet and compare the result with the value specified by the manufacturer.

a commercial vitamin C tablet which is the mass of ascorbic acid in the tablet. As iodine is a weak oxidizing agent used mainly for the determination of strong reducing agents, ascorbic acid C6H8O6 (a ... The starch solution is used as an indicator.It gives a dark blue colour to the solution when excess oxidizing agent is present, in which the concentration ratio of iodine to iodide is high. And the da ...

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Catalase essay

ring) bacteria. It promotes the conversion of hydrogen peroxide, a powerful and potentially harmful oxidizing agent, to water and molecular oxygen.2H2O2 to 2H2O + O2Catalase also uses hydrogen peroxid ...

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An investigation in to the distribution of catalyse in different plant tissues

does this by catalysing the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (a powerful and potentially harmful oxidizing agent) into molecular oxygen and water. The reaction can be summarised by the equation:2H ...

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The Chemistry of Fireworks

gents and binders. The additions ofvarying metal chlorides add the colours.(See Table 1)OxidisersAn oxidizing agent producing the oxygen required to burn the mixtureReducersAn agent e.g. Sulphur, that ...

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analysis of vitamin c content

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