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In the essay Paintball As Combat Sport by James Gibson the author describes a paintball game between Big Navy and ... Analyze the experience and the effect it had on you.There is only one thing scarier than a bullet (paintball) whizzing overhead, and that is more than one bullet whizzing overhead. Paintball is a gam ... game that requires skill, courage, patience, and is considered an extreme combat sport. Through my paintball experience, I gained a newfound respect for actual combat.Paintball games require extreme ...

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How paintballs are made

Paintballs are made entirely of non-toxic, food grade ingredients. To make the hallow shell; water i ... thod is used to dye what's called "the fill" - that's the "paint" that goes inside the shell of the paintball. It's made of polyethylene glycol, the same inert liquid used for cough syrup, before bein ... machine does the next three steps in one shot: it aligns 2 half-shells together.These newly minted paintballs are still quite soft and if they're not carefully dried, they'll lose their shape. To sto ...

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