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Cardiac Valve Prostheses an itroduction

a recessed pivot design and is rotatable in the sowing ring.The most recent bileaflet design is the Parallel valve from Medtronic, Inc. The significant design aspect of the Parallel valve is the abili ... ignificant design aspect of the Parallel valve is the ability of its leaflets to open to a position parallel to flow. This is intended to reduce the amount of turbulence that is created in the blood a ...

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Parallel And Perpendicular Lines In Real Life

Parallel and perpendicular lines play an important role in our lives. As portrayed in my collage, th ... ur lives. As portrayed in my collage, this is evident in the field of engineering and architecture. Parallelism and perpendicularity is applied in order to construct a building, which has a uniform st ... uniform structure and a strong foundation. It has to be perpendicular to the ground and its floors parallel to each other. Without this, the building will not be able to stand. Engineers would apply ...

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