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where the clarity and confidence of the High Renaissance was lost. Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Parmigianino show some differences in Renaissance and Mannerism with their works of art of the Madon ... of the main paintings that bring out the Mannerist style would be the Madonna with the Long Neck by Parmigianino from 1534-1540. In most opinions the painting is unreal and not life like for most of t ...

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Giotto and Parmigianino Compare/Contrast the differences between 2 artists and their works of art (Ognissanti Madonna and Madonna dal Collo Lungo).

Giotto and ParmigianinoThe artist Giotto di Bondone was born about 1266 in the village of Vespignano, near Flor ... te thrones of the thirteenth century paintings.The Italian painter Francesco Mazzola, also known as Parmigianino, was born on January 11, 1503 in Parma, from which he takes his name. Parmigianino was ... of Correggio's sensuous style, he blended it with the classical style of the Roman painter Raphael.Parmigianino's art is distinguished by a new emphasis on ornament and grace. During the course of hi ...

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tists during this time had profound effects upon the world of art as weknow it today. Michelangelo, Parmigianino, and Tiziana Vecelli had a unique style alltheir own and were classic for displaying Hi ... of anguished, impulsivelife. (Sporre, 2004)Another influential artist during the High Renaissance, Parmigianino,defined his own style of form and color in "Madonna with the Long Neck." Parmigianinope ...

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