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"Pax Americana: The Lost Empire"Like a cathedral, peace must be constructed patiently and with unshak ... nses - Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century". This document visualizes the creation of "Pax Americana" or American Peace. However the community around the world suggested that it is a peac ... the nations of the earth.After September 11, The United States justifies war as a means to create a Pax Americana. It appears that United States is not looking for American Peace but instead the creat ...

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g its position as the world's leader in economy, military, and finance in the twenty-first century. Pax Americana, meaning American Peace, a derivative term from Latin, Pax Romana, is what we are seei ... re involvement of Vancouver in the world?Let us create a better living space by proudly joining the Pax Americana world.Let us join America to gain more while losing nothing.Pax Americana... The world ...

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ere they themselves confess that they are least worthy of imitation; if instead of establishing the Pax Americana so far as our influence avails throughout this continent we should enter into the fiel ...

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