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Space Exploration

ce technology and space exploration are convinced that the alternative to expansion would be facing extinction.Space exploration would make it possible for significant numbers of people to live outsid ... in fact are wasting time by not doing enough space exploration because in the future we are facing extinction. The most astounding of possibilities is the collision of Earth with a celestial body, a ...

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The Permian Extinction

The end Permian extinction event was the most devastating to organisms in Earth history. Some 70% of terrestrial spe ... ve been suggested to explain this event.One hypothesis that has been proffered to explain this mass extinction is the catastrophic asteroid impact hypothesis. There is evidence that an asteroid or com ... There is evidence that an asteroid or comet could have impacted the Earth causing a sudden massive extinction event. The following is a brief description of the immediate consequences of an asteroid ...

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Scott Storm Lab section 8 Jon Klimstra Mass extinction?s are very important to biology because they directly influence all life on Earth. All of ... ature. This community is directly impacted when several species go extinct, by loosing organisms to extinction other organisms may loose food, a habitat, or a partner which is key to its survival.The ... which is key to its survival.The most famous extinction occurred sixty-five million years ago; this extinction brought the end to the dinosaurs. However, this extinction falls short of the level of de ...

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Mass extinction

Ever since life started on earth, mass extinction has been occurring. The rapid disappearance of species was ranked as one of the planet's ... ssioned by New York's American Museum of Natural History (Warrick, Washington post, 1998). The word extinction describes the situation in which something stops existing. And it can be anything, whethe ... n make us understand the concept well: the tigers in the Indian forest of 'Gir' are on the verge of extinction. Recently, a Caribbean monk seal was announced extinct which is very sad news. Smaller ex ...

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The Causes of the Dinosaurs’ Extinction

65533;PAGE �1� Elizabeth Hoover Research EssayMay 7, 2013The Causes of the Dinosaurs' ExtinctionAbout sixty five million year ago something happened to change the Earth. At the end of th ... ent of all animal species, including dinosaurs, became extinct. This event is known as the K-T mass extinction because it occurred at the boundary between the Cretaceous (K) and Tertiary (T) time peri ...

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