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Shakespearen Sonnet 73 and Sonnet 116

all.Shakespeare uses an array of figurative language to convey his message, including metaphor and personification. Thus, in sonnet 73, he compares himself to a grove of trees in early winter, 'When ...

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Imagery in Literature

ppeals to one or more of the five senses. Imagery is frequently written using similes, metaphors or personification. Many writers use imagery to convey a picture without saying directly what the image ...

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Evaluate the effectiveness of diction as an adjunct to meaning in John Updike's 'Player Piano'.

unct to meaning in John Updike's 'Player Piano'. In 'Player Piano', John Updike uses personification to give life to a 'unhuman' piano. By using diction to communicate his ideas, he eff ... e and light, it gives the reader a feeling that the piano is alive, further adding to the effect of personification in this poem. In the last line of the first stanza, there is consonance in 'these', ...

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How do textual features combine to convey a theme of the poem?

eyes, he accepted this eventually. WithinMilton's sonnet about his blindness: figurative language, personification, his intent andprosody are adopted to convey his questions and heart felt acceptance ... order to make sense of the feeling and statement Milton is trying to make.Furthermore, Milton uses personification to express the importance of words andvalues. He personifies "Patience" as if patien ...

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Tools of the trade. Speaks of Geoffrey Chaucer

n this short story aboutgreed, disrespect and death Chaucer utilizes three important literary tools personification, irony,andsymbolism.In the tale by Chaucer Personification is utilized on the charac ... raitorDeath. He that slays so many shall be slain himself before nightfall.'In 'The Pardoners Tale' personification is employed to make Death a person instead of aprocess. Death is given human charact ...

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"The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling. Shows the relevance of the children's stories to adults

ry devices that appear in almost everyone of his children's stories. These devices are regionalism, personification, allegory, and parables. Rudyard Kipling skillfully uses these common devices to tea ... rt stories. They all deal with animals brilliantly portrayed to seem completely human by the use of personification. The stories are made more real by his prowess in the use of regionalism. Allegory i ...

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Discuss Crane's treatment of nature in The Red Badge of Courage and Henry's shifting attitudes towards it

s use of imagery and references to nature in relation to Henry's experiences. We must also note the personification of nature, which allows us to speculate upon its attitude towards Henry (or to human ...

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'In the early stages of 'The Awakening', show how Kate Chopin reveals to us Edna's growing consciousness.': An explanation of the first few chapters of Chopin's take on Madame Bovary!

birth of Aphrodite, goddess of sexual love, who was born in the sea. Aphrodite could be seen as the personification of feminine freedom, able to bestow her affections and to be a sensual creature with ...

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Compare and contrast 'Hide and Seek' by Vernon Scannell and 'Half-past Two' by U. A. Fanthorpe

one. On the first line, exclamation marks are used to show the enthusiasm of the boy. Scannell uses personification and the senses to describe the surrounding atmosphere in a vivid way. Therefore, the ... of the poem is quite dreamy and we get the feeling that the boy is confused. In terms of language, personification is used effectively to show the child's view of time. The use of senses creates the ...

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In this essay you explore how the poets use of poetic techniques conveys the messages of the poem.

ferent ways in which other men have resisted death. The poet's use of metaphors, similes, oxymoron, personification, symbolism and the unusual form of the poem all helped me to see death in a differen ... the tunnel and the dying men seeing it and being blinded by the light.Furthermore the poet's use of personification has a successful effect."Old age should burn and rave at the close of day"Of course ...

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Exposure. In Wilfred Owen's poem 'Exposure' what techniques does he use to convey his hatred towards war? Explain in detail all of the techniques he uses to do this.

m normally hearing artillery bombardment. One of the techniques that Owen uses in this paragraph is personification, in the first line. He writes "the merciless east winds that knife us". This helps t ... being stabbed into them. In this sentence, a knife isn't really 'knifing' them, so this shows that personification is used. Also in Verse One, consonance is also used. He writes "worried by silence, ...

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"Arthur to Her book", by Anne Bradstreet.

human attitudes as well as emotions in her poem, "The Author to her Book". With the literary device personification, along with metaphor Bradstreet relates the book to a child, of ill form, descending ...

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Rabbinical Judaism.

as we know it today. Within this form of Judaism we have a central role, a Rabbi. The Rabbi is the personification of the Torah and the authority the Rabbi has, comes from the close union that they h ...

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Toni Morrison's traditions of the Ghost Story.

t change the fact that she has a haunting effect on the novel as a whole and in many ways acts as a personification of the slave race collectively. Beloved can be said to be a symbol of the slaves who ...

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Lady macbeth as a tragic character.

e is a classic tragic hero, a figurethat was brought to ruin by his own greed, fear, and guilt. The personification of greedand resulting in evil, he stole the throne from King Duncan by murdering him ...

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"The Universe, And Everything" by Douglas Adams.

fun writing the books than I did reading it. He also uses many literary devices such as simile and personification. Another great thing about these books is that Douglas puts in what seems as pointle ...

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"A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams.

te for her younger sister, Stella's, husband, Stanley Kowalski, a lower class Polish man who is the personification of modern practicality, crudeness, cynicism, and brutality. Through this play we fol ...

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In "The Sun Rising," by John Donne, there are many metaphysical characteristics.

ough curtains, call on us" (line 2-3). This is because the sun doesn't call on anyone; this is also personification because the sun is given speech, a characteristic of humans. Another paradox that us ...

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Dante's Inferno.

anguish puts hell into a different perspective for myself. The separating of levels or degrees, the personification of the sinners, and the comparison to what I have learned in the past makes Dante's ...

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"The Dream of Rood".

echniques, used to indirectly pass along the message mentioned above. Descriptive, metaphorical and personification techniques are some of the tools used to confirm the passages of the Bible. The bibl ... e poem itself is a metaphor to relay the teachings of the bible from another point of view.Thirdly, personification was used in this rhetoric to give the tree life and the reader someone to identify/a ...

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