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Chemical and Physical Matter and its Properties.

rdless of how much of a substance is present, these properties will always be the same.Chemical and Physical Properties and ChangesPhysical Properties and Physical ChangesA physical property is a char ... s a characteristic that can be measured or observed without changing the identity of the substance. Physical properties describe the substance itself. Examples of these properties are properties such ...

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Different Aspects Of Science

ss divided by volume.This brings me to the more specific properties of matter. These are called the physical properties. Color, shape, hardness, and texture are all physical properties. Physical prope ... phase changes in matter are melting, freezing, vaporization, condensation, and sublimation. Though physical changes may occur, no new types of matter are formed. Melting is the change of a solid to a ...

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ng observations about chemical properties in reactions that give easily describable results such as change in temperature, gas/bubble formation the production of precipitates and also appearance and d ... Zn(NO3)2Mg(NO3)2Fe(NO3)3NaClClear solution. White solid precipitate was observed.No changeNo changeNo changeNo changeNa2SSolution turned blackDark black solutionVe ...

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