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The role of Difficulty in John Donne's Love poems.

and this in itself has been the subject of much critical debate. Ezra Pound's comment that it was 'Platonism believed' has caused many critics, notably Pierre Legouis, to disagree with this sentiment ... te when considering this argument that the poem, like 'a mass' of Donne's, was based on Italian Neo-Platonism. As Helen Gardner points out, the poem sees Donne 'attempting to imagine and make intellec ...

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Was the the Scientific Revolution a real threat to Western Christian values?

t world and the Renaissance, respectively, ushered in the new thought of the Scientific Revolution. Platonism revolves around the concept of a central source from which everything emanates. Copernicus ... created the Revolution, based his concept of planetary bodies revolving perfectly around the sun on Platonism. Copernicus' "discovery" is completely overrated: he had no reasoning for his assertion an ...

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The contributions of Plato to the western civilization and philosophy.

ion to modern society is found in his theories relating to metaphysics. These is now referred to as Platonism (or Exaggerated Realism). Plato divides his world into two aspects: the intelligible world ...

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When Men Began To Think: Revisiting the Ancient Asian Thinking

nd metaphysical distinction between dualism and materialism during the advent of Pythagoreanism and Platonism representing the dualist position, Atomism and Epicureanism the Materialistic, and Aristot ...

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h Trypho Justin explains how his search for truth in Stoicism, Aristotelianism, Pythagoreanism, and Platonism came up empty. Then one day, walking along the sea, an old man approached him."Does philos ...

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Can Brown save Platonism this time?

From the book "Philosophy of Mathematics", the author James Brown addresses many problems involving Platonism's view in mathematics; such as how other mathematicians and philosophers debunk Platonism' ... s; such as how other mathematicians and philosophers debunk Platonism's view. Brown, however, saves Platonism by attacking the intruders first. Before reaching the stage where Brown fights the intrude ...

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sal and timeless. Not only was he a very sharp thinker but a very wise spiritualist. I believe that Platonism has and will continue to influence man's progress in terms of finding his spiritual realit ...

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