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Title: Stroke the Verve/Research on The Stroke and The Verve

and Nick McCabe (guitar). Near the end of 1995 Simon Tong, an old school friend joined the band to play guitar and keyboards. Richard, Simon, and Pete all knew each other from Upholland High School a ... (drums) all met at Dwight where they bonded over a common obsession of music. All three learned to play their instruments together. Eventually they were joined by Nickolai Fraiture a friend of Casabl ...

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This summary of David Pelicane's essay "My Eleven Minutes of Fame on the Open Mike" chronicles this writer's attempt to fulfill his quaint dream of performing in front of an audience.

ad also been an amateur musician in his free time - amateur in every sense of the word. He couldn't play guitar exceptionally well, he had only written a few original songs, and his audience had only ... took themselves too seriously, hippies singing about forgotten governmental grievances, and old men playing rusty tunes on instruments that belonged in museums. These modest visions are what gave Davi ...

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Bob Dylan's Success.

e of May 24th 1941. By the time he was ten years old he was writing poems and had taught himself to play guitar. He later changed his name from Robert Allen Zimmerman to the famous name Bob Dylan. In ... ing and it's hardly been born."After he graduated high school in the early 1959 Dylan found himself playing folk music. This is also the time he began to write his legendary folk songs. In the 1960s B ...

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The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band": A Milestone in Rock N' Roll History

be no pop music. There would be no reason to grow out your hair. There wouldn't even be a reason to play guitar and form a band. Very few musicians in the 20th century have altered the thinking, cultu ... as Paul McCartney, a virtuoso musician. After him was George Harrison A.K.A. "The Quiet Beatle." He played lead guitar and was a backup vocalist. Finally we come to Ringo Starr, the incongruous drumme ...

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Teenagers having jobs while they are students

need basketball shorts and comfortable t-shirts. I like listening to music and one day I wanted to play guitar. So I bought a guitar and I still need a guitar-amp. Also I need to take a lesson and bu ...

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Being Deaf for one day.

day, I also realize there will be no music or television. I will not hear a bird sing, my dog bark, play guitar or listen to the wind blow through the trees. The list goes on and on.After a few moment ...

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Punk Music Concert Review

practice.The Pathetics is a band comprised of four local San Luis Obispo residents; they have been playing together for five years and have three recorded albums. Devon plays the drums and is back-up ... years and have three recorded albums. Devon plays the drums and is back-up vocals, Mike and Travis play guitar, Mike is the lead vocalist, and James plays the bass. Last year they played at a Cal Pol ...

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