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Pay Per Click Marketing

othing more than a book on the shelf of a library that may never be checked out. Pay Per Clicks or "PPC's" are a method of advertising in which you pay for visitors on a cost per click basis. That is, ... click basis. That is, you only pay when a Web searcher actually clicks on a link back to your site. PPC advertising is not "traditional" online advertising. Typically, online advertising uses banner a ...

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basic economics

money to spend on these needs, so how do we decide on how much to spend? Well in this case we use a PPC graph, this stands for Production Possibility Curve. In this essay I will be explaining the conc ... s of scarcity, choice, opportunity cost, unemployment and economic growth and there position on the PPC. In the description there will be definitions, examples and where its positioned on the PPC. I w ...

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