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This paper is an overall review of the treatment of black slaves and American Indians during Thomas Jefferson's Presidency. I turned this paper in for my US History up to 1865 college course.

ovide considerations for one more than he did so for the other? In this article, we will review the primary and secondary sources of Jeffersonian mentality, actions, and policy. In the end, we must de ...

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Australasian Legal Information

h I used AustLII extensively for the library strand to find relevant legislation. AustLII publishes primary legal materials (legislation, treaties and decisions of courts and tribunals); and secondary ... y legal materials (law reform and royal commission reports).AustLII a seamless electronic access to primary and secondary sources of law, compared to books located through the conventional law library ...

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To what extent did the Cultural Revolution in China affect the destruction and elimination of all religious institutions in Albania (1967-1970)?

he methods to be used to give a relevant and precise answer to this question consist of researching primary and secondary sources (the most recommended books written from the actual victims as a resul ... he first atheist nation in the world".C. Evaluation of sourcesThe first source evaluated is primary; the speech that the Albanian communist leader, Enver Hoxha, made on February 6th 1967, wher ...

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What is History?

he most important elements in our lives. Archaeologists and historians find and study history using primary and secondary sources. The movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is a prime example of ar ... what happened, historians and archaeologists look for and study evidence and clues. Historians use primary and secondary sources to help them. Primary sources were created at the time the people bein ...

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Trotsky and the Bolshevik Revolution

ortant his role was in securing success for the Bolsheviks.In order to carry out this investigation primary and secondary sources will be consulted, and a bibliography will be compiled, and attached. ...

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How and why did the methods used by the PLO to fight for the Palestinian cause change over time?

nd the reasons for this change. I will use the internet and books from the library to study various primary and secondary sources, in order to gain different points of view and to therefore answer the ... uggle to the occupied territories and the emergence of a new phase of resistance and rebellion. Its primary purpose was to weaken and discourage the occupation, rather than to attract attention.* In t ...

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Napolean Invades Egypt

y others. How do we know which to trust? We can differentiate the different types of sources into primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are those that are written or recorded by someone th ... hat witnessed an event first hand. Secondary sources are those that are compiled by other people's primary accounts. Someone taking an educated guess would probably say that a primary source is goin ...

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Theory of knowledge 2

a fact but at the same time do we accept it at the same level. Is what I have learnt from different primary and secondary sources the same as what person X may have learnt? Do we view colonialism in t ...

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Exaggerated Representations of Kings Saladin and Richard I and How These Representations Reflected the Cultures and Values of Their Times

ed how people saw and indeed still see these two men. Additionally, there is ample evidence in both primary and secondary sources which point out that these qualities that historians and chroniclers a ... e Magnificent Sultan..." Shaddad praises more than just Saladin's military prowess in this valuable primary source. When meeting with the the various Frankish princes, the Frankish envoys were apparen ...

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Sex Outside of Marriage in Sixteenth Century Colonial Latin America

tution of marriage, as well as recorded instances of homosexuality. There is ample evidence in both primary and secondary sources about sixteenth century Colonial Latin America that shows that althoug ...

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