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Pathophysiology Deep Vein Thrombosis and Airline Travel - The Deadly Duo

ABSTRACT:A number of deaths from pulmonary embolism caused by deep veinthrombosis (DVT) have been attributed to long distance airplan ... e occurs. The consequence of this obstruction is called an embolism. The most serious blockage is a pulmonary embolism that occurs when the embolus reaches the pulmonary system and cannot pass. Chest ... superficial veins of legsReddish bluish discoloration of skinPain or tenderness in the legSigns of pulmonary embolism:Instant sweatingPersistent chest painBreathlessnessMETHODS:The method DVT occurs: ...

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use of anticougaulants in prevention of ischemic stroke and pulmonary embolism

Use of Anticoagulants in Prevention of Ischemic Stroke and Pulmonary EmbolismSondus KahilEmily Isgur/ section 5AbstractThe Journal article "Rivaroxaban as an O ... e blood are most commonly seen in patients suffering from recurring episodes of ischemic strike and pulmonary embolism; and such patients are often prescribed anticoagulants in as an effort to arrest ... such as vitamin K antagonists and Heparin are drugs that play a vital role in preventing stroke and pulmonary embolism[1] ischemic strokes occur when an artery leading to the brain is clogged or block ...

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