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Geology of massif montgris

itors to the Montgris. The units within the area are from the Upper Cretaceous the Tertiary and the Quaternary. I aim to give an overall guide to the geology on a smaller scale than has previously bee ... y the grey Mountain) the massif rises up over the town and dominates the skyline. Torroella sits on quaternary conglomerate deposits. These are easily eroded, hence the valley between Pals (10Km to th ...

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Global Warming

eet. Fivedegrees may not seem like a drastic change, but in the last ice age at the beginning of theQuaternary period, the average temperature was only five degrees colder than it is now.Thus, our act ...

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climate change

Describe in what way has the global climate changed during the Quaternary Period (i.e. the past 2.6 million years) and explain what is believed to have been the in ... st abnormal global climate change time periods in the history of the Earth is the time frame of the Quaternary period. The Quaternary period bounds the earth's history from approximately 2.6 million y ... s the earth's history from approximately 2.6 million years ago through to present day. Although the Quaternary is an extremely small segment of the entire 4.55 billion year history of Earth, It is esp ...

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