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History of peer-to-peer file sharing. Technology to prevent it, and the future of it.

dio Galaxy, whom all learned a valuable lesson from Napster. Avoid copyright infringement and elude record companies. So far they have been pretty successful, but record companies are getting closer a ... but record companies are getting closer and closer to putting these new companies out of business. Record companies are looking to software companies to beat these file sharing organizations at their ...

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The history, benifits and complications of Mp3s and Piracy.

stic goal to try to control. The cost of controlling the piracy issues over the Internet would cost record companies more money than what they are losing due to MP3 trading. The record industry is try ... laying it back on computer or portable digital music players has become increasingly popular, major record labels have been slow to embrace distribution over the Web because of the difficulty in preve ...

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Who is, and who should be, the principle beneficiary of English copyright law: authors and performers, those involved in the commercial exploitation of copyright works, or the general public?

ations and companies involving in commercial exploitation of copyright work, such as publishers and record companies. Authors, unless that area presents a distinction between the two, may mean both au ... hts and non-property rights are granted to performances. The consent of performance is required for record and broadcast (live or recorded) live performances , and importing, possessing or dealing wit ...

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Napster:Explained. In this report i explain exactly what napster is and how it has changed the file sharing industry.

is an internet program used to download mainly copyrighted songs. Napster calls it trading, but the record companies and artists call it stealing.Before the creation of Napster, people had to driv ... good songs, and the rest was just filler music. If a person did not want to buy the cd, they could record it onto tape, but the sound quality never came out as good as the origional. One day, all tha ...

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"File Sharing"

e share because there are consequences that affect everyone, the people who download the files, the record companies who lose the money and the music store workers who lose their jobs. These consequen ... ir actions and stop file-sharing.There are much more consequences rather than a payment back to the record label. When the creator of Napster, a file sharing company, was caught and brought to court h ...

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Discussion of Internet File-Sharing

DVD in their computer and distribute it across the internet. In response to this type of "sharing," record companies have sued, claiming that consumers are "stealing." Neither word is correct in that ... e technology that allows a computer to send copies of songs to other computers on the internet. The record companies say that this allows people to steal their product from them. However, when a user ...

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Song Swapping

hin recent years that is driving a wedge between manufacturers, and consumers. Songs are created in recording studios daily all across the world with the intention of being sold commercially to the ge ... is left over is taken to cover production costs, and finally, to line the pockets of the well known record companies themselves. With the internet becoming increasingly more popular every day, people ...

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The Day Music Took Over Popular Culture

few videos to watch on MTV (Music Television), but with the popularity of these videos increasing, record companies began to catch onto the trend MTV was setting. MTV was slowly becoming the launch p ... r band had a video on the channel, you were popular. Now MTV will either make you or break you as a recording artist. MTV is the standard and if you are not on this channel you do not belong. After al ...

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Downloading songs from the Internet: is it robbery or free expression? A specific look at Napster Inc

free in their own homes and artists can release their music themselves. This could mean the end of record labels and other associated companies, causing artists and record companies to worry. Napster ... ze of the corresponding wave files and can be close to CD-quality. This reason causes many artists, record labels, and other music industry stakeholders to be concerned by MP3 file formats like Napste ...

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e share because there are consequences that affect everyone, the people who download the files, the record companies who lose the money and the music store workers who lose their jobs. These consequen ... ir actions and stop file-sharing.There are much more consequences rather than a payment back to the record label. When the creator of Napster, a file sharing company, was caught and brought to court h ...

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MTV's Success with Teenagers

the country. Their success has been analyzed and reported for many years. MTV began as a venue for record companies to show music videos to advertise their artists. Today, the channel reaches over 70 ... mmercial channel, because the music videos were seen as advertisements that ranged from artists and record labels to clothing and attitudes.There are many reasons given for MTV's success throughout it ...

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Grunge: The Sound of Seattle

s over night, playing big arena's and selling ten's of millions of albums and the small independent record labels such as Sub Pop became rich and powerful record companies. The band that spear headed ... ould also go on to dominate the music scene of the early nineties. This created a gold rush for big record companies, who previously would never have bothered to go to Seattle to sign a band, were sig ...

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"Common: The Rare Romantic Rapper"

"Chicago is such an authentic city to me. It's really not an industry driven place. You don't have record companies and movie houses. It's really a blue-collar city and a real soulful city." In this ...

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say they want consumers to have more ways to hear songs online, but they are not ready to force the record companies to license their songs for downloading. This move is sparking Internet companies t ... gain leverage in a market still reeling under Napster's influence.For now, it is clear that the record labels are holding most of the cards, a situation that seemed to make some legislators uncomf ...

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e First Amendment states that it is illegal to censor an artist, it does not apply to censorship by record companies or radio stations. So lyrics from controversial rappers such as Eminem and 2 Live C ...

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loading music of the net. In my mind this sort of crime really has no downside. First of all, the record companies for years have been pushing prices for music higher by illegal practices. I suppos ... n be said that two wrongs do not make a right, but I think in this case an exception can be made.Record companies frequently charge fifteen to twenty dollars for a CD even though the equipment cost ...

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Cencorship Sucks

ccording to the Canadian Constitution, we all have the right to freedom of speech, so what right do record companies or radio stations have to censor the lyrics of songs? Although some might be about ... would make someone think about it more.The PMRC (Parents' Music Resource Group) has tried to label recordings whose themes relate to sex, violence, drugs, alcohol or suicide and it has been made a la ...

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