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This isn't really a true essay but rather many helpful terms acquired from my world religion class. These terms apply to many religions around the world wether they be current or of the past.

Patriarch"), but generally known to devout Jews simply as "Rabbi."Talmud, body of Jewish civil and religious law, including commentaries on the Torah, or Pentateuch. The Talmud consists of a codifica ... at are used to illustrate the traditional law are known as Haggada.Talmud, body of Jewish civil and religious law, including commentaries on the Torah, or Pentateuch. The Talmud consists of a codifica ...

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Study Notes for Chapter 1 of "From Gracchi to Nero, A History of Rome 133 BC to AD 68" by: H.H. Scullard

e to control all Italy. This process was not achieved by military conquest alone, and in fact Roman religious law (the ius fetiale) did not countenance wars of aggression designed to gain new territor ... ancestral customs of Rome, the mos maiorum. This native attitude was now threatened by an influx of religious ideas from the cosmopolitan culture of the eastern Mediterranean.a) The mystical w ...

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Scarlet Letter notes

he first settlers of Boston, buried on his own land which became his lot.-Ann Hutchinson: prominent religious leader in Boston who preached that faith, rather than goof works and abidance by religious ... mistook it for modesty and deemed him even more holy. He was tortured because he had performed many religious ceremonies for the people, yet he felt that he was fake. He had attempted to purify himsel ...

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Relationship between Aboriginal law and state and commonwealth law.

l law consisted of two different kinds of law; sacred law and secular law. These can also be called religious and non-religious law. Their laws were spiritually based and were based on: unwritten rule ...

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The Pesantren, the Kyai and Politics

santrens do not only provide Islamic Education. There are many pesantrens that provide a mixture of religious and non-religious subjects to keep up with the changing world (Suparto 2004). Apart from t ... secular subject like maths and science, santris also focus on classical Arabic text which includes religious law, Quranic studies and ethics (Dhofier 1999: 30). Calls have been made to close pesantre ...

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