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The scientificized vampire: Biological explanations of vampirism in "Blade I" and "I Am Legend."

en to the regular society, Richard Matheson turns this concept upside down and lets his protagonist Robert Neville face a whole society of vampires while he himself is one of the last (normal) human b ... ave outlined earlier, in Richard Mathesons novel the vampire is not "the other": the vampire hunter Robert Neville is. The protagonist in the end is forced to discern, that "normalcy was a majority co ...

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I am Legend

y alive, fighting day to day with gossip, staying awake, and the endless piles of homework. But for Robert Neville in the book I Am Legend, the battle for survival is all too real. In an apocalyptic w ... is all too real. In an apocalyptic world filled with vampires roaming for the taste of human flesh, Robert is faced with the task of not only staying alive, but staying sane, which is the main conflic ...

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