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I/O Psychology

nterest and growth in the field. The first large scale application of psychology testing was led by Robert Yerkes, he developed the Army Alpha and Army Beta group tests which tested the soldiers menta ...

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Use of Language in Primates

s to experiment with primate language were, in fact, attempts to teach them to speak. In the 1920s, Robert Yerkes concluded that primates could not learn speech but possibly sign language. This propos ...

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"Should psychologists study animals in other ways than naturalistic observation?"

hat would be revolting to a pig, but they are eerily similar to humans. In The Dancing Mouse², Robert M. Yerkes says that "mice are inexhaustible sources of amusement as well as invaluable materi ... er modes of study.BIBLIOGRAPHY°Hilgard, Earnest R. "Scientific Contributions Through Research." Robert Mearns Yerkes. N.p.: National Academy Of Sciences, 1965. 394-403. Print.Gosling, Samuel D. "F ...

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