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Rumspringa: A tradition within the Amish community

�� RumspringaTo be or not to be Amish is one of the most important and difficult decisions a young teen ... w life for themselves without the help and support of their family. According to some "Englischers" rumspringa appears as if it is all fun and games, but in reality, it is the most influential time in ... enforcement of the rules may vary.When an Amish adolescent becomes of age, usually 16 or 17, their rumspringa period begins. The Pennsylvania German word rumspringa, also spelled rumschpringe, comes ...

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Is there a reason the Amish culture dress they way they do, if so what is it?, What exactly is the "Rumspringa", and why do the Amish have it?, and what happens if someone from the Amish community lea ... ales dressed uniformly" (Holster, 1983, 1063). Lastly, another question that was asked was, what is Rumspringa? And why do the Amish have it? Person #1 said "Rumspringa is a time period between the ag ...

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The Devils Playground

many of them long to experience life on the "outside." A short term traditional Amish event called "Rumspringa" ("running around") gives Amish adolescents a chance to live life on the outside. Many Am ... ward to this tradition, and some even view it as the highlight of their life. Most Amish teens view Rumspringa as an opportunity to go out into the world, get drunk, do drugs, party, and then return h ...

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