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Life Is A Journey Compare and Contrast how life is a journey. Comparing 2 works of literature you read in the summer.

the Road, is a great example of the theme "life is a journey". This novel is about two characters, Sal Paradise, a young writer, and Dean Moriarty, a wild youth who lives life to the fullest. Togethe ... ey is the strongest theme in this novel. By reading the title alone this theme is dominant, because Sal and Dean are constantly traveling from one place to another. Sal is a confused person, who can't ...

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The Quest For Identity In On The Road

women, gathering fuel from vacant lots" (Eliot 1954:24). Throughout 'On the Road', the protagonist, Sal Paradise, and his friends, refuse to accept this notion, driven by the belief that 'IT' does exi ... y searching for some alternate way of living and perceiving life.In the beginning of 'On the Road', Sal Paradise is a naïve young man, who has lived a relatively sheltered life, marrying, divorci ...

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On the Road

57 is a great American novel that all citizens should take the time to read.On The Road begins with Sal Paradise, a beatnik traveler looking for something more in his life than the tedious life he liv ... he lives, and his hero Dean Moriarty, a true representative of beat life in America and a mad man. Sal desires meaning for his pointless life so he begins a great American journey looking for everyth ...

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Kerouac and Bukowski- Two Sides of the Beat Coin

nt in the two novels exhibits the contrast between the personalities and beliefs of the two writers.Sal Paradise in On the Road and Henry Chinaski in Women : A Novel have remarkably similar character ... difficulty grasping how the rest of the world functions. They resist any constancy in their lives. Sal travels across America and to Mexico, unable to keep hold of endless transient and poisonous fri ...

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On the Road to Individualism; Off the Road of Conformity

Individualism; Off the Road of Conformity Jack Kerouac's novel On the Road tells the story of Sal Paradise (a character indirectly representing Kerouac himself) on his quest to abandon his borin ... k for the ultimate search of purpose. Along with many other youth that made up the Beat Generation, Sal rebels against social norms such as the concrete "nuclear family" implicated by 1950's culture b ...

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