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Summarizes "Insanity Plea" by William J.Winslade and Judith Wilson Ross. Speaks also about different ways people have used and abused the Criminal Justice System using The Insanity Plea

after the news of thedeath ofCongressman Ryan another 2 deaths happened. George Moscone,themayor of San Francisco, and Harvey Milk, a city supervisor andtheleader of San Francisco's politically active ... eleader of San Francisco's politically active gay community, hadbeenshot and killed at death in the San Francisco City Hall. The Policethensniffed-out and charged Dan White with the murders of the 3pe ...

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San Fransisco City Hall Describes layout and motivations behind the building.

San Francisco City HallArchitecture is not simply a structure that serves as a place of business, re ... reat civilizations.An example of a modern day melding of Greek and Roman architectural forms is the San Francisco City Hall. The structure seems to be a combination of the Roman Basilica and the panth ... is axially planned and enclosed by walls. Also, similar to Roman building trends, the City Hall of San Francisco uses Greek structural elements for decoration; the exterior of the walls are decorated ...

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