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Schwa's past is slightly blurred, but it is generally held that the religion has its rootsin ancient ... e jackal, the cat etc). Some hieroglyphics have been uncoveredby archaeologists which, according to Schwa followers, are the original inscriptions ofmembers of the ancient religion, but have been wron ... at would sweep across the world over a period of two years, and wouldresult in united international Schwa religion.'I had just been transferred from (the University of) Wisconsin in the earlier part o ...

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Phonetics and Phonolgy Stress on Vowels

rally acknowledged to be strong vowels in the English language, except of course, diphthongs with a schwa, /ə/ .Therefore, the presence of a diphthong in the first syllable of the word 'paper' st ... us, the second syllable of the word 'paper' consists of the /ə/ vowel, generally known as the 'schwa', which is always associated with weak syllables and described as a lax vowel, which is furthe ...

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English sounds

S IN ENGLISH( Short and long vowels, diphthongs )CONTENT:- INTRODUCTION- SHORT VOWELS- LONG VOWELS- SCHWA - ə- DIPHTHONGSINTRODUCTIONVowels are funny things in two very different ways. First, the ... he lips are only moderately rounded. (The phonetics and phonology of English pronunciation, 112:141)Schwa- ə / The centre of the vowel universeSschwa is very special sound. It is the least colour ...

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