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problem presented in the article is to know the ability of the adults to acquire phonology for the second-language of the students who were advanced learners of French.Phonology is the usual term for ... , in the main topic adult's acquisition in phonology, as the author states hypothesis influenced in second-language learning in adults and affect the acquisition of phonological competence as well as ...

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Learning Second Language with Less Negative Feedback

ck or at least not a negative feedback? Such feedback is likely to be successful in second language acquisition. Already seen from Chomsky's theory, children learn their own language with less negativ ... adult or people learning another language.ReferenceEllis, R. (1994). The study of second language. Acquisition, Oxford: Oxford.Schmitt (ed.). (2002). An introduction to applied linguistics. London: Arnold

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The Question of Language Acquisition (Lenneberg vs. Chomsky)

a lot more quickly and sufficiently than adults. 3 It is thought by many that a critical period for acquisition of a language does exist.The most common contrasting viewpoint against the Critical Peri ... riod in which the brain is malleable and if language is not learned within that time span, language acquisition becomes difficult and sometimes unattainable.There have been several studies that strong ...

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speak the second language.Colin Baker book also regfer to Stephen Krashen theory of second language acquisition, According to Stephen Krashen's Theory of Second Language Acquisition does not require " ... conscious grammatical rules, and does not require tedious drill." (Stephen Krashen, Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning,1988)"Acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the ta ...

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How far can social distance explain variation in the degree of success in learning a second language?

in success. Social distance is one of the sociocultural factors that can affect the second language acquisition. Social distance refers to the cognitive and affective relationship of two cultures that ... nt language. Social distance is also explained in Schumann's Acculturation Model which explains the acquisition of second language by immigrants. According to the Schumann's Acculturation Model, Schum ...

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What should the teacher know before meeting his/her learners.

er should know the learners age. Harley (1986) believes that the question of age in second language acquisition is a complex one. It has been believed for many years that the younger the learner then ...

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Second Language Learners

evelopment and its relationship to learning other academic skills and knowledge; as second language acquisition can be a frustrating and difficult experience. Although there is a widespread belief tha ... thesis is quite controversial. It has been proposed that differences in the rate of second language acquisition may reflect psychological and social factors, rather than biological ones, that favor ch ...

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Question: Explain the Significance of the Acquisition and Development of Language to the Learning Process. “The Spoken Word Is the Most Important form of Communication Between Humans” -Discuss.

Question:Explain the significance of the acquisition and development of language to the learning process. "The spoken word is the most import ... e development, factors affecting language development and how such factors may be overcome.Language acquisition is the process by which language develops in humans. The process of language develops in ... s out activities, and will also have most vowels and consonants well established.The first language acquisition comprises of the language development in children, whereas the second language acquisiti ...

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Spanish and English Interelation

s have studied how and to what extent the native language influences the process of second language acquisition, a concept known as transfer. Individuals tend to transfer forms, meanings and distribut ... .Transfer can be of a positive or negative kind. On the one hand, positive transfer facilitates the acquisition of a second language taking advantage of the mother tongue. On the other hand, negative ...

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Learning Strategies Assignment

SUBJECT ASSIGNMENT: LEARNING STRATEGIESIn the area of second language acquisition, various and important investigations have shown that developing learning strategies is ...

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hello, welcome to the group.

rs Affecting Second Language Learning | language acquisition - essential informationThe in ...

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ting on and considering that experienced I had, this question comes in my mind, "Is Second Language Acquisition the same in childhood and adulthood?" This is a question that was thought answered by Le ... tical Period Hypothesis in 1967. According to Lenneberg's CPH, it is during childhood that language acquisition is faster than during adulthood. For decades many language teachers believed this but th ...

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