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Commercial fishing

y groups. Pelagic species - those which live in the near-surface layers of the oceans, this include several species of herring, tuna, salmon, anchovies, pilchard, sardines, menhaden, and mackerel. Dem ... in serious numbers, is in large part responsible for the decline of cod, haddock, halibut, herring, several species of tuna, and whale. Not enough of these fish remain in the seas to maintain spawning ...

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Molluscs to three different aquatic biomes.

cause their foot spreads out when the animal crawls about (Little C 1990). The cerebral ganglion of several species (e.g., Euhadra peliomorpha, Aplysia californica, and Lymnaea stagnalis) secretes a n ... hich include the giant clam Calyptogena magnifica, the giant mussel Bathymodiolus thermophilus, and several bacteria-eating gastropods (Hughes 1986). These molluscs lack mouth and guts and, like land ...

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Toxic waste in the waters of New York and New Jersey

me.Marine life is delicate; human beings have had a huge affect on this ecosystem. Attempts to save several species have become a major problem in several countries across the planet, since only recen ... ing years. Oil spills, asbestos dumping, city river pollution, war wreckage, industrial dumping and several other activities contribute to marine pollution. There are other factors such as poaching, s ...

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Lesson Unit Plan on Whales

teachers I work with.This unit is designed to learn about the types of whales, baleen and toothed; several species of whales, their descriptions, behaviors and habitat; and their importance in our en ... les by name. (Day 1 30 min.)To spark interests in different kinds of whales.State that for the next several weeks they will do a variety of activities to learn about all the whales.Discuss how they wi ...

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for atmospheric nitrogen and oxygen to combine to form dilute nitric acid. The second step involves several species of bacteria, fungi and blue-green algae. These species can convert nitrogen into nit ...

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Freshwater Biome

ome is found worldwide, the species that reside in it can vary extensively, but usually it contains several species of fish, plants, and insects. Predation is a way of life in the freshwater bi ... ly birds, large mammals, and humans catch the large fish. In the freshwater biome, there are several examples of symbiosis. The relationship between the freshwater sponge and spongillafly is an ...

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ganisms work together in a community to survive in nature. This community is directly impacted when several species go extinct, by loosing organisms to extinction other organisms may loose food, a hab ...

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The Effects and Causes of Global Warming

re. Global warming creates massive concerns for the entire earth. If the heat continues to increase several species may struggle to survive. There are numerous political, environmental, economic, and ...

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