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Chemistry Halogens Lab

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Precipitation Reaction and the Solubility

describe any pattern or trends that we see.III. Materials1)lithium iodide (source of lithium ions)2)sodium chloride (source of sodium ions)3)potassium bromide (source of potassium ions)4)strontium nit ... e of barium ions)6)lead(II) nitrate (source of lead ions)7)silver nitrate (source of nitrate ions)8)sodium nitrate (source of nitrate ions)9)lithium sulfate (source of sulfate ions)10) potassium hydro ...

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Types of hemical reactions - Practical Report-(Refer to word document for subscripts,tables and correct characters.)

de the test tube due to the combustion of the hydrogen gas.Precipitation reactions:Silver Nitrate + Sodium BromideApparatus:Silver Nitrate solution (0.1 mol L-1 )Sodium Bromide solution (0.1 mol L-1 ) ... ol L-1 )Test tubeProcedure:1. Place 2-3 ml of silver nitrate in a test tube with the same amount of sodium bromide.2. Record results and observations.Results/observations:When the two solutions were c ...

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