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The Boss

ing of something ominous. The swirling wind picked up some loose dirt and scattered it all over the street.Under a street lamp, stood a mysterious man clad in a black tuxedo with a suitcase in one han ...

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A critical assessment of TS Eliot's poem, 'Rhapsody on a windy night'.

ludes and echoes many of its themes. Rhapsody... charts the night-time journey of a man through the streets of a city. Held in a trance by the moonlight, he is shown various sights by the street lamps ... is painted.The poem begins by establishing the scene. A man is wandering "Along the reaches of the street / held in a lunar synthesis". Although the street is reaching, as if to entrap the man, it is ...

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A creative story on the topic of 'Change': "The Lamppost"

the path of my childhood.I remember now, my slow trips home from school. As I dawdled slowly up the street from the main road, I would count the lampposts as they stood, bolt upright like a line of do ... rmy, forever revering his eminence.At lamppost number thirty-three there was a lane leading off the street, it was a dark and desolate space cluttered with dumpsters and empty boxes and crates. Along ...

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The dawn

feel the hand of somebody on his shoulder. He looked over his shoulder. In the oblique light of the street lamp he picked up a senile figure with snow white flowing beards and hair. His perched half l ...

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egan. A cool breeze blew through the trees. Little puddles began to form on the sidewalk and in the street. All the while I stood fascinated by the scenery being fashioned before my eyes.Most people f ... or clammy, after it has been dried by the wind.Evening appears and darkness begins to envelope the streets. The rain becomes peaceful. A stream of water flows down the driveway. The trees come to a s ...

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Andrew Carnegie And The Rise Of Big Business

rough the frigid air around my pink cheeks and landed gracefully on my lashes and nose. The looming street lights did the best they could to shed their dull light onto the darkening earth, as I quicke ...

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Rhapsody on a windy night

ts poem's form; rhapsody is irregular/unstructuredPoem starts jumbled/juxtaposed images (midnight / street lamp / lunar) in lines of irregular length with no rhyme/repetitionIrony; "rhapsody" suggests ... ite emphasis in titleContrastTitle and contextChildlike innocence and filth/decay; stanza 4Light of street light and midnight; stanza 1"Twelve o'clock" - symbolises connotations of "lunar""lunar" - my ...

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