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Japan economy and textile industry

ears.Production of chemical fibers had shown a tendency to decrease due to inventory adjustment for synthetic fibers (filament and staple), and fell 5.1%. Although synthetic fibers (filaments and stap ... e rayon yarn ceased in 2001.Spun yarn production fell 14.0% due to reduced production of wool yarn, synthetic fiber yarn, and cotton yarn. This resulted from increased product imports leading to shutd ...

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What are Textiles?

able chemical compositions. Silk and wool are classified in the natural protein fiber group. In the synthetic fiber group contains nylon and polyester because they are composed of all chemicals. As fo ... , and spun silk.Manufactured fibers are either cellulosic which contain some natural components, or synthetic which is composed of all chemicals. Manufactured fibers are known as Polyester, Nylon, Ole ...

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Man Made Fibres

finition for Nylon Fiber: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is a long-chain synthetic polyamide in which less than 85% of the amide-linkages are attached directly (-CO-NH-) to ...

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Dress In The 1940's

ral fibers being used until they became very limited after America joined the War. Nylon, a popular synthetic fiber, was being used for military purposes and became scarce and abandoned by women. Inst ... ook like they had stockings on. Designers had to search for available fibers Acetate and Rayon were synthetic fibers being used for most women's clothing ( The L-85 regulat ...

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ghout the years.A team of DuPont researchers, led by Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers, invented the first synthetic material, nylon, in 1934 (Adams 21). They were searching for an artificial replacement for ...

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