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The legitimacy of the armed struggle of the Tamil people

iminatory language and employment policies, and statesponsored colonisation of the homelands of the Tamil people,sough to establish its hegemony over people of Tamil Eelam.These legislative and admini ... e legislative and administrative acts were reinforced fromtime to time with physical attacks on the Tamil people with intentto terrorise and intimidate them into submission. It was a courseof conduct ...

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Sinhalese versus the Tamils

Sri Lanka formerly called Ceylon in English and known in Tamil as 'ILANKAI'. It's an island situated at the southern extremity of the Indian subcontinent, se ... it. There are many ethnic groups in Sri Lanka but the two main ones would be the Singhalese and the Tamils. The Sinhalese are the majority and the Tamils are the minority. According to the population ... tistics in 1991 the total population is 17 103 000 in which 12,656,000 are Sinhalese, 3 113 000 are Tamils, Muslims (mostly Tamil speaking) are 1 214 000 and 120 000 other ethnic groups. Srilanka was ...

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The current (2005) Sri Lankan Conflict.

measures 65,610 sq km and comprises of two main ethnic groups, the Sinhalese majority (76%) and the Tamil minority (18%). These groups have long shared the island, which was once separated into two so ... Sinhalese government was set up to govern over the whole. This government discriminates against the Tamil minority and denies the Tamil people the right to a separate State and self-determination. The ...

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Miscommunication in R.K. Narayan's short stories: "A Horse and Two Goats", "The Watchman", and "The Evening Gift"

h was property of the municipality. He thought they wanted to buy his goats. The old man spoke only Tamil, while the men from New York obviously spoke English:The stranger was completely mystified by ...

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"War, It's not about what's right. It's about what's left."

itten with the many atrocities around me, only this time in the blood of both my people and that of Tamils. My life, which had always been painted in black and white, now knew the raw pain and intensi ... attles to ignite. This fight turned to slaughter between us the Singhalese and ‘them’ the Tamils was a mindless and thoughtless work of art that only the dead can truly ever understand. I sa ...

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History of the Conflict in Sri Lanka

n both the north and south. Previous attempts to resolve the ethnic conflict between the Sri Lankan Tamils, who have traditionally inhabited the northern and eastern regions, and the Sinhalese, concen ... discord between the two primary ethnic and religious groups; the Sinhala-Buddhist majority and the Tamil-Hindu minority, flared into sporadic violence that has evolved over the years as the Liberatio ...

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