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"Daughter of Persia" by Sattareh Farman Farmaian.

worked for a time as a social worker in Los Angeles and then returned to Iran to found and run the Tehran School of Social Work in 1958, the first school of social work ever in that country. Farman F ... ely praises and condemns aspects of her countrymen's national character as she goes on to build the Tehran School of Social Work. And she does the same with what she finds in Americans upon becoming w ...

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Hossein Valamanesh art review

, memory and the relationship between humanity and the natural world.Hossein Valamanesh was born in Tehran in 1949. He lived with his Azerbaijani parents in the remote town of Khash in the province of ... tainous, arid region in the east of Iran near the Pakistani border. In 1960, the family returned to Tehran where they settled into a small house in the city's down-at heel southern suburbs. He was rai ...

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re is a lot in Hamadan that's worthwhile, so the city attracts a lot of visitors, most of them from Tehran.Baba Taher, who lived in the 11th century, is one of the great poets of Iran. His songs and p ...

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A tour of Esfahan

s out to be the shop inside the Abbasi Hotel, where we have a choice of almost 30 titles. Later, in Tehran, we find what can almost be called a CD-megastore.When it's dark we go back to the Imam Squar ... icture is the end of our stay in Esfahan and almost the end of our holiday in Iran. One more day in Tehran and then it's goodbye Iran, we'll be back in 2 years.

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Analysis the characteristic features of one economy: Iran economic details economic indicators economic problems

amic Republic of Iran), is located in southwest Asia on the eastern shore of the Persian Gulf, with Tehran as its capital. Its official language, Farsi (Persian) is Indo- European. The population (69 ... monopoly of most income producing activities. The various departments of the central government in Tehran as well as their provincial and local offices are headed by mullahs (religious teachers who a ...

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and becoming an official lawyer, he came back to his homeland. InIran, Mosaddegh began to teach in Tehran's School of Political Studies and it was therewhere he met Ali Akbar Dehkhoda and other great ... egh decided to come to Iran via theIndian Ocean and enter the country from the south. In his way to Tehran, when he waspassing the Fars province, he was asked to stay there and become the governor of ...

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Iran: a Nation Under Scrutiny

ts nuclear neighbors such as India, Pakistan, and Israel might be a high priority for leadership in Tehran. Iran may very well feel that prestige and an elevation in international status will accompan ... Given the hostile environment in which Iran exits, it is not unreasonable to conclude that those in Tehran may feel that fabrication of a nuclear weapon is both a military and political necessity.Iran ...

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Persian Rugs and Their Stories

are used when Iranians kneel down and pray. Furthermore, there is a National Rug Museum of Iran in Tehran, the capital of Iran. This museum is dedicated to Persian rugs, and Persian rugs only. We can ...

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Globalization and Citizenship

era. This phenomenon can easily be seen by simply walking through an eastern part of the world like Tehran and witnessing the influences of western cultures in the young citizens of the Iranian state. ...

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Queen Noor, Great Person

oman, Queen Noor of Jordan worked as planning assistant in the building of the model city center in Tehran, Iran. During the time she spent working in Tehran, she learned about the history of Arab cou ...

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Audiences are not only entertained they are made to engage with the social concerns explored in plays. Discuss this view with reference to your study and experience of two of the texts set for study.

and conventions to portray the unforgettable story of a refugee family who escaped the hardships of Tehran Jail, only to find themselves suffering racism and injustice in the High Court of Australia.S ... by Iran's government regime. The play interweaves the experiences of Hamid: his torture in jail in Tehran and witnessing human rights abuses before making a dramatic escape to Australia; and his arre ...

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