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Spoken discourse

ribing it by applying some rules of a grammar of speech to it.The analysed discourse is a part of a television broadcast of a snowboarding big-air jumping competition (Eurosport, February 2001). It ca ... to also as C in the essay) gives a report of the competition as it goes along and also informs the television audience about the background of the actual happening. In-between there are two short int ...

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The Tiananmen Square Massacre and the Lack of Human Rights 1989

alogue with the Chinese students and workers, violence erupted after marshal law was declared. As a television audience looked on, the workers and students protested against government leaders for an ... rruption that the workers and students protested for against the government leaders was viewed by a television audience around the world who saw a tragedy that would be remembered as a terrible event ...

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Celine Dion

e won the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, Ireland, where she performed live before a television audience of 600 million viewers throughout Europe, the Middle-East, Japan, and Australia. ...

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Americans Do It First What did Americans contribute to society? How well have we helped out the world with our inventions?

the mysteries of outer space. The American lunar expedition was viewed by the world’s largest television audience of its time (Neil, par 10). When Neil Armstrong placed his foot on the surface o ...

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