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Artist - Kathe Kollwitz. Born 1867 died 1945. Disscuss how her two artworks reveal the suffering of humanity and social workind class

z was born in 1867 and died in 1945. She was a powerful, intense artist who produced works of great tenderness. Her two artworks 'Woman with dead child' and 'Unemployment' revel the suffering of human ...

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This eugenics based paper was written in response to The Bell Curve by Herrnstein and Murphy.

ly to the caress of the wind. It is like a mother who would pick up her child and kiss it, with her tenderness that she gave birth to it. We don't see this anymore. In the present time we see nations. ...

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Jay Gatsby: The Dissolution of a Dream. Talks about one of the characters in Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby"

sand short-winded elation's of men.' Gatsby is revealed to us slowly andskillfully, and with a keen tenderness which in the end makes his tragedya deeply moving one.Jay Gatsby is a crook, a bootlegger ...

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What Goes Around Comes Around. Speaks of "The Black Cat," by Edgar Allan Poe

unburden my soul"(80).Poe describes his affectionate temperament of his character when he writes "mytenderness of heart was even so conspicuous as to make me the jest of my companions"(80). Healso cha ...

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Comparing/contrasting 2 pieces of art from different periods

of humanity with a poignant portrait of The Virgin Mary breastfeeding Jesus as an infant. The sheer tenderness of this most simple and necessary bonding between the mother and the child is captured in ...

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Romeo and Juliet, were they really in love? This essay details the romance between the two.

love1 : strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties2 : affection and tenderness felt by loversinfatuate1 : to cause to be foolish : deprive of sound judgment2 : to inspi ...

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"Oliver Twist".

d old nurse who unquestioningly cared for Oliver in his time of need. She treated Oliver with great tenderness although she did not fully know his status or condition in life. In one encounter:The old ...

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Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorn

everyone would marvel at Hester rather than despise her. "Be not silent from any mistaken pity and tenderness for him, as it were - to except it to tempt him - yea, compel him, as it were - to add hy ...

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Hamlet and Ophelia.

y Lord, he hath importun'd mewith LoveIn honourable fashion."He has approached her many times, with tenderness and holy vows of heaven as a testimony of his affection and honourable intentions. Her fa ...

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Analysis of Refugee mother and Child

lly the scene would have been far from that idea of bliss. The idea of the first stanza is that the tenderness that the character, the mother, expresses towards her child in the poem surpasses the ide ... the ideal image of Mary and Jesus. The two situations do not even compare to the depth of love and tenderness of the Refugee Mother and Child. 3 The poet uses the repetition and the contrasting ideas ...

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Achilles Tendon Rupture: The Diagnosis

y walking, running, jumping, etc. Commonly there are sometimes bruises on the back of the ankle and tenderness. It's very common for an orthopedic to visually examine and palpate the back of the ankle ...

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Analysis of Lady Macbeth in Act One

p-full/of direst cruelty" (1.5.39-41). In other words, she wishes that she could be released of the tenderness of a woman so that she could be even more heartless and cruel so as to murder King Duncan ...

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Argumentative article comparing the love of Kamala and Siddharta vs. the love of Hamlet and Opehlia

her arising out of kinship and personal ties or an attraction based on sexual desire: affection and tenderness felt by lovers. We all know that if it were this easy to figure out if we loved a particu ...

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Emancipation Proclamtion how it was good

ds the rebels' slaves, and what he felt should be done. "Why theses traitors should be treated with tenderness by you, to the prejudice of the dearest rights of loyal men, we cannot conceive."(4. Gree ...

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Tendinitis Report

issue similar to the lining of joints usually surrounds tendons. The condition that causes pain and tenderness outside the joint is most common around the shoulders, elbows and knees. Tendonitis can a ... he shoulder.The signs and symptoms of tendonitis are obvious and painful. Tendonitis produces pain, tenderness, and stiffness near a joint and is aggravated by movement. For example, the tennis elbow ...

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"Futility" Wilfred Owen

ffect, or of coming to nothing; uselessness. The structure of the poem is in balanced stanzas - the tenderness and hopefulness at the beginning; the growing bitterness of the second, with its climax. ...

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Perception of Perfection

ight.Maybe the sourness of breath.The sweet placid nightSerene after the soiled stares.Imperfection.Tenderness swells through my veins.Light unspoken touch,Fingers trickling through my skin.Without an ...

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Character Sketch of Big Daddy and His Tactics With Brick

as he tries to approach Brick, as a loving father approaches his need child, exposing his innermost tenderness and insecurity. The conflict is between his love for his child and his determination to g ...

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tion of the face is insight for the person's attitude. A face lacking love or grace, a face without tenderness, gentleness, caring, or a heart. Dickinson expresses the sadness and gloominess in the pe ...

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Beloved By Toni Morrison

Beloved by Toni Morrison, is a piercing novel of powerful images, of captivating tenderness and constant self-abasement. The conflict is centered around the revages caused by slaver ...

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