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RNA Evolution, RNA Function in RNA viruses and the Origin of Life

mation of another. Such complementary templating mechanisms lie at the heart of DNA replication and transcription in modern-day cells.But the efficient synthesis of polynucleotides by such complementa ... complex. Although we understand most of them, they do not make conceptual sense in the way that DNA transcription, DNA repair, and DNA replication do. It is especially difficult to imagine how protein ...

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be and translate this gene (mRNA and tRNA, including amino acids) and explain the processes of both transcription and translation. Compare the processes of transcription and translation in the normal ... Mutated:DNA: ATG TGG AAT CGC TGC TGAmRNA: AUG UGG AAU CGC UGC UGAAmino Acid: MET TRP ASN ARG CYS STOTranscription is the creating of a matching RNA copy of a sequence of DNA. RNA and DNA are both nucl ...

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the mongol empire

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