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My impressions of E.E. Cummings paintings

ous popularity throughout the 20th century. His poetry was widely hailed for its experimental form, typography, grammar and word coinages, as well as for the subtlety and sensitivity of its perception ...

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What was modern about De Stijl?

page was an interesting combination of bold layout and grotesque font contrasting with conventional typography. This announced the start of a new influence in the world of art. The first issue was a c ... layout and font become purer and more simplified and not as dutch to fit in with international new typography. In 1925 van Doesburg began to introduce dynamism into the De Stijl compositions by the u ...

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Analyse the title page of Hogarth's "The Analysis Of Beauty".

in function of providing the reader information as to what the book is about. However I believe the typography Hogarth has chosen to use plays a very important role. The principal goal of typography i ... m···

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Human Resoucre

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