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The Life of Charles Darwin

s of Geology by Charles Lyell. The book emphasized the great age of the earth and the principals of uniformitarianism. Uniformitarianism is the geological structure of the earth that resulted from cyc ...

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The Bible said it First

never needed to be corrected or updated!Example 3.Modern geology is based largely on what is called Uniformitarianism, which means that the processes we see going on around us today are the same as ha ... evertheless, the Bible's explanation is the most satisfying, because it fits the evidence perfectly.Uniformitarianism cannot account for such things as the Grand Canyon - 100,000 square miles of horiz ...

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The early 1900's, who were the scientists associated with Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism and what evidence did they use to bolster their arguments?

ist·French naturalist G. L. Cuvier·English geologist Sir Charles Lyell·HumboldtUniformitarianism, in geology, was first advanced by Scottish geologist James Hutton who may be rega ... dvanced by Scottish geologist James Hutton who may be regarded as the originator of the doctrine of Uniformitarianism. In his 'Theory of the Earth', Hutton states that changes in the earth's surface t ...

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