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Offices Of Steve J. Grimes Vs. Secret Service

Offices of Steve Jackson Games vs. Secret Service On March 1 1999, the offices of Steve Jackson games were raided by the U.S. Secret Se ... part of nationwide investigation of data piracy. The original news stories simply reported that the Secret Service raided a suspected ring of hackers. Over time the true story came out. Steve Jackson ... the next day. The files were reconstructed from old partial files, backups, notes and memories. The Secret Service kept all of Steve Jackson's Computer equipment and would not hand them over. The Secr ...

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Counterfeit Money

in lesser situations, the counterfeiting of money has very harsh consequences.A As expressed in the United States code: 1. Whoever, with intent to defraud, forges, counterfeits, or alters any security ... s).2. Also, whoever, with intent or attempts to pass, publish, or sell, or intent to bring into the United States or keep in possession any forged, counterfeited, or altered security of the United Sta ...

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United States Secret Service

The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency that is part of theUnited States De ... Department of Homeland Security, prior to the founding of that departmentIn 2002, it was under the United States Department of the Treasury. The United StatesSecret Service is mandated by statute and ... d executive order to carry out two significantMissions, protection and criminal investigations. The United States Secret Service wasCreated in 1865 to prevent counterfeiting. During the 1890s the Secr ...

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Secret Service

, it investigates violations of law relating to counterfeiting of obligations and securities of the United States. This mission is supported by a vision of the agency to uphold the tradition of excell ... g process and complete an intensive basic training. Initial requirements for applicants are to be a united states citizen, be between the ages of 21 and less than 37 at the time of appointment, posses ...

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