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The Concept of Beauty What is & what is not? How important is it and how much do you owe to evolution.

s that "symmetric individuals have a higher mate-value"1 found by Vicor Johnston of New Mexico Sate University. Thus, Beauty is indicative of more 'robust genes' and a higher offspring survival rate. ... t is true in Westernized societies is also true in traditional groups"- said by John Manning of the University of Liverpool in England in his Nature Article on the mystery of female beauty.Aside from ...

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The Development of Hope University College

Higher education has a rich history in the UK. The first university in England was established from later the twelfth century to now, up to the present, ther ... he UK. Most of these universities were founded after the nineteenth century, such as Liverpool Hope University College. Then I will take example for it to introduce its developmental history. The deve ... example for it to introduce its developmental history. The developmental history of Liverpool Hope University College can be divided in two sections: before Second World War and after Second World Wa ...

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Dad Biography

e attended a big school in the city. He studied physics, chemistry, and mathematics for his Colombo university entrance exam. He wanted to become a scientist in physics. However, he ended up receiving ... n physics. However, he ended up receiving an honours degree in chemistry. After teaching at Colombo University for a year, he received a scholarship for further studies in England. After receiving a P ...

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